About Me

I am a Software Engineer at ScyllaDB and Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Helsinki in the Department of Computer Science. My Ph.D. supervisor is Prof. Sasu Tarkoma. My current research interests are low-latency networked systems and operating systems. I received my B.S. degree in 2013 and M.S. degree in 2016 in Computer Science from the University of Helsinki. My M.S. thesis focused on the performance evaluation of virtualization techniques, a core technology that enables today's cloud computing. I have previously worked on the OSv unikernel and the Linux kernel.



  • Partition-Aware Packet Steering Using XDP and eBPF for Improving Application-Level Parallelism
    Pekka Enberg, Ashwin Rao, and Sasu Tarkoma
    ACM ENCP ’19
  • The Impact of Thread-Per-Core Architecture on Application Tail Latency
    Pekka Enberg, Ashwin Rao, and Sasu Tarkoma
    ACM/IEEE ANCS 2019
    [paper] [slides]
  • I/O Is Faster Than the CPU — Let's Partition Resources and Eliminate (Most) OS Abstractions
    Pekka Enberg, Ashwin Rao, and Sasu Tarkoma
    HotOS 2019
    [paper] [slides]
  • OSv—Optimizing the Operating System for Virtual Machines
    Avi Kivity, Dor Laor, Glauber Costa, Pekka Enberg, Nadav Har'El, Don Marti, and Vlad Zolotarov
    USENIX ATC 2014
    [paper] [slides]

Selected Projects

  • Manticore OS (October 2016–current, author)
    Implementing a research operating system to explore the parakernel model.
  • OSv (August 2013–July 2015, contributor)
    Implemented virtual memory management and virtual filesystem features to the OSv unikernel.
  • Sparse/LLVM (2011–2013, author)
    Implemented an LLVM backend for the Sparse semantic parser for C.
  • kvmtool (March 2010–August 2014, author)
    Implemented a light-weight hypervisor using Linux KVM subsytem for running Linux guests on a Linux host.
  • libcpu (2009–2014, contributor)
    Implemented a Intel x86 front-end for libcpu, a library for emulating several CPU architectures.


  • A Performance Evaluation of Hypervisor, Unikernel, and Container Network I/O Virtualization [pdf]
    Master's Thesis, University of Helsinki, August 2016